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It was directed by Jon Steinberg and stars Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Jason Sudeikis, Chris Klein, Jennifer Coolidge, Alyson Hannigan, Neve Campbell and Thomas Ian Nicholas. The film tells the story of three friends whose lives are turned upside-down when a bet amongst them results in one of them sleeping with a girl of their choice. They must now go on a mission to try and win her heart. Plot Fellow film student Jake Gyllenhaal and his friends Paul Rudd, Brian Posehn and Adam Scott meet up at the bar of their apartment complex to start working on a screenplay for a film project, only to get put off when their friend, Owen Wilson, arrives, drunk, and starts to flirt with an attractive girl in the bar named Cindy. Later that night, Jake and his three friends drink and smoke in a car in their parking lot, as Owen, Paul and Jake talk about the bet they had earlier about sleeping with a girl. In the car, Owen admits that he lost the bet and Paul takes this as a challenge, although he suggests that they should have Cindy as the girl instead. Jake states that the girl in question is already his ex-girlfriend, Jill. They all eventually go back to the bar, where Jake has a chance encounter with Cindy, who is with her friends, who are obviously very drunk. Cindy believes that Jake is the one who turned Owen down, and they bond over how upset Owen was about losing the bet. They go back to Jake's apartment and Owen arrives with Cindy, although he is much more inebriated than she is. Jake suggests that he and his friends go into the other room and discuss it. Jake and Paul then share Cindy with each other, with Owen and Cindy going off together to the bedroom. The next morning, Cindy leaves Jake a message saying that she is willing to be with him and they agree to meet at a bar. After a year, when they still haven't met, Cindy and Jake get in a car accident and she loses her memory. Jake then takes her home and they spend time together, while Jake's friends, the three guys, celebrate Jill's birthday, which she claims was last week. When Cindy comes to, she is very confused and embarrassed because she believes Jake and the three guys are her real friends, and does not remember them. Jake, Cindy, and Jill are invited to Paul's parents' Christmas party



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Book Of Love American Pie Download Torrent Latest

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