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National Philanthropy Day Orange County Outstanding Philanthropic Group: WISE®

The mission of WISE®, Women Investing In Security and Education, is to provide opportunities and expertise for the financial education of females of all ages so they may: (1) acquire skills, tools and the mindset to improve their financial status and increase their options in life; (2) network with others with similar financial needs and goals; and (3) secure financial freedom. In 1997, founder, Victoria Collins, CFP, PhD and her team, launched the first conference with 500 women attending. The overwhelming success of the conference indicated the need for financial education in a friendly and non-intimidating environment. Today, WISE works closely with community organizations such as Girls Scouts and Girls Inc and prominent universities to deliver its core mission. WISE hosts 5-10 “Tearing Down the Pink Wall” events per year with free online seminars and workshops to accomplish education from basic finances to more sophisticated money management. Operating with a board of about 26 members, WISE is guided by the general principles of volunteerism: giving of self without personal gain or profit.

This year's National Philanthropy Day Outstanding Honorees epitomize the best in all of us. Amazing individuals and organizations, with amazing stories that we can all be inspired by. Congratulations to this year's Outstanding Honorees!


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