Rosemary Pugh

Board Member

Rosemary Pugh is an accomplished marketing executive who most recently served as Senior Vice-President of Marketing for Research Affiliates and Green Street. Her tenure at both firms was marked by exceptionally rapid growth in followers across digital platforms, virtual event attendance and inbound lead generation. Green Street more than doubled in value.

During her ten years as Head of Marketing, Rosemary worked to build a highly-talented and globally-located team and empower them for maximum effectiveness. She introduced a host of technologies to capitalize on innovations revolutionizing the digital marketing sphere. She developed an inhouse media effort, generating 600 quotes per year with a focus on the Wall Street Journal and other priority outlets.

Rosemary holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Harvard and an MBA in finance from Columbia. She began her career in finance, and worked for five years as a program manager in microcredit finance improving women’s access to small loans in Latin America. More recently, she was hired by Green Street as a REIT stock analyst. Rosemary taught International Business at Indiana University and is a frequent guest lecturer at USC Marshall School of Business. She has published op-eds in Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal Europe, and The Journal of Commerce.