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Darlene March

Darlene March

Board Member | COO

Specializing in New York Financial Media and PR

Darlene March is president of March Media Relations, a public relations firm specializing in financial media exposure. For 20 years, Darlene has provided clients with the highest level of financial publicity service – in print, online and on radio, as well as via local and national television broadcasts.

Darlene offers her clients two decades of media-relations experience. Beginning as a PR specialist for Maryland-based publisher Phillips Investment Resources, she promoted Doug Fabian, now host of the “Making Money” radio program, a popular Los Angeles-based investment talk show. Her nationwide publicity campaign for the Fabian “Lemon List” was instrumental in generating more than 10,000 inquires. Darlene launched her own agency 10 years ago, and has built an impressive roster of clients through a long series of highly successful financial promotions

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