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Welcome to Women Investing In Security and Education


WISE®, is a 501(c)(3) philanthropic educational organization that provides opportunities to educate women and girls on investing and personal finance.

About Us

The MISSION of WISE, Women Investing In Security and Education is to provide opportunities and expertise for the financial education of women and girls.



The Vision of WISE is to facilitate the financial education of all women and girls so they may:

  • acquire skills, tools and the mindset to improve their financial status 

  • network with other women with similar financial needs and goals, and 

  • secure their personal financial freedom 


WISE provides varying venues to accomplish financial education from basic finances and thrift concepts to more sophisticated money management.

Working closely with women, WISE provides venues to address those areas of financial education most pertinent to women and girls at all income levels.


WISE is guided by the general principles of volunteerism: giving of self without personal gain or profit. We strive to ensure professionalism, integrity, quality, and confidentiality in an environment where participants gain understanding and better secure their personal financial future.

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Our Story

In 1997, fifteen women gathered to plan a conference, INVEST IN YOURSELF: Financial Strategies Conference for Women, expecting 200-250 women. The overwhelming success of the conference, with 500 women attending, indicated the need for financial education in a friendly and non-intimidating environment. The conferences’ continued success enabled WISE to donate support to philanthropic groups serving women and young girls worldwide. This “gain and give” philosophy continues today.


After the initial conference, led by Victoria Collins, CFP, Invest In Yourself Conference Founder, many women volunteered to assist at the conference. In subsequent conferences, attendees came from England and other countries. And an INVEST IN YOURSELF Conference was held in London in 1999.


In 2000, the continuing success of the Invest in Yourself conferences, made clear the need for a broader view of financial education for women. Thus, a vision was formed — a vision of a larger, more encompassing philanthropic organization designed to facilitate the financial education of women. WISE®, Women Investing in Security and Education® was born.


"The organization continues to grow, adding events as new opportunities arise, even to this day. We encourage community participation, sharing our vision," says Founder, Helen M. Olson, Ph.D. Thousands of women have benefited and donated to WISE Programs, supporting organizations for women and girls.

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