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Award winning columnist: No one does it better than Liz Weston!


By Dr. Victoria Collins, Ph.D., CFP®, Invest In Yourself Founder, former principal of the Keller Group & strong supporter of WISE.

If someone were to ask me who is the most knowledgeable financial advisor I’ve ever met, the answer would be simple. With investments, taxes, retirement planning and credit strategies changing continually, no one is more savvy and up to date than Liz Pulliam Weston.

You’ve probably read at least one of Liz’s columns on personal finance. Every month some 12 million people do! Her down-to-earth, warm, engaging style helps bring complex issues up close and personal and inspires readers to take action.

“If I give you a penny on the first day of the month and promise to double it every day, how much would you have at the end of the month? Some people might say, $500 or $5,000. The answer is $10,000,000.

Compounding doesn't actually work that fast. Nobody is going to double your money everyday. But it gets across the point that once you've got that money set aside and you give it time to grow for you, it can really add up.”

An award winning writer, Liz Pulliam Weston

  • Is the most-read personal finance columnist on the Internet, according to Nielsen/NetRatings. Her columns run twice a week on MSN Money.

  • Is the Author of “ Your Credit Score", a national best seller, (fourth edition 2011) and “The 10 Commandments of Money: Survive and Thrive in the New Economy ” and “Easy Money: How to Simplify Your Finances and Get What You Want Out of Life"

  • Appears regularly on numerous television and radio programs, including NPR's "Talk of the Nation" and "All Things Considered," American Public Media's "Marketplace Money" and NBC's "Today."

You may not know ... that Liz is also one of the original thought leaders of “Invest In Yourself,” the Annual Women’s Financial Conference which started in 1997 and later became WISE.

We have the opportunity to hear Liz speak at our WISE dinner on March 17th and you will not want to miss her.

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