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WISE Choices’ goal is to help high school teens and young women, between the ages of 13 to 25+, become more aware of their ability to control their financial future.

Young Women with Backpacks

WISE Choices

The WISE Choices program is designed to promote financial education. This program helps young women develop an understanding of their financial values, learn about the impact of their financial decisions, and establish good financial habits. Learning how to make good choices and establishing realistic financial goals early on will help to provide financial success later down the road.

WISE Choices program provides a two-hour workshop for the American Family Housing and other local non-profit groups. The American Family Housing mission is to help providing transitional and permanent housing as well as education and counseling for low income individuals and families. Our goal is to assist them in improving their lives and to become self-supporting members of society. 

WISE Choices has also provided basic financial workshops for Mary's Shelter. Their mission is to equip and empower homeless and at-risk pregnant teens, and minors with babies, for lives of dignity, hope and self-sufficiency. WISE Choices helps to teach these young women about budgeting, setting financial goals for themselves and career planning.

WISE Choices will provide information on financial budgeting, how not to get into debt, and steps in setting up a consistent savings plan in addition to other basic financial guidance for your group or Association.

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