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Even though the 2021 tax filing date is almost here, it’s not too late to save on your tax bill, and to plan successfully for next year.

Many folks find taxes very confusing, especially in times of transition. You are invited to participate with our exclusive WISE panel of two top financial pros to learn how you can save thousands when filing your 2020 and 2021 tax return.

Marilyn Blank, CPA and Evelyn Zohlen, CFP will discuss the following, and allow time for Q&A. Special moderator will be Angela Dailey, Co-President of WISE.

Biden's Administration: Stimulus Checks, tax law changes, capital gains.

Retirement Accounts - Maximize your retirement accounts, Roth, IRA,

How has Covid affected your tax returns? What can we do about it?

Inherited IRA’s - What do beneficiaries need to know??

Spousal support (alimony) - what is tax treatment and how has it recently changed?

Optimizing charitable giving - for those who help charitable organizations.

Working from home? What’s the advantage taxwise?

Special Bonus: Both Evelyn Zohlen and Marilyn Blank will tell stories of how they created their own successful businesses, and they will share stories about they overcame difficulties.


Evelyn Zohlen is a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) professional and served on the Board of Directors of the Financial Planning Association. She was an adjunct professor in the Personal Financial Planning Program at the University of California at Irvine and serves on the Advisory Board for the Center for Investment and Wealth Management at UCI. In addition, she is a community leader and has served on the Board of Directors for WomanSage, as well as the Board of Directors for the American Poetry Review, and the President’s Council at Immaculata University. Evelyn is a frequent contributor to periodicals such as The Wall Street Journal, The Journal of Financial Planning, USA Today, Investment News, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Real Simple and Consumer Reports. Prior to entering the financial services profession, Evelyn served as an intelligence officer in the United States Air Force.

Marilyn Blank has been practicing as a certified public accountant since 1986. M. Blank & Company was established in 1993 after having spent 7 years with Deloitte and Touche in Los Angeles and Orange County. Marilyn received her bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Southern California in 1986. In 1998, she was awarded a Masters degree in Taxation from Golden Gate University. Marilyn attended the financial planning program through University of California - Irvine, and in 2002 earned her designation as a Certified Financial Planner. Prior to her career in public accounting, Marilyn was in the banking industry for 10 years. She lives in Lake Forest with her husband, Robert. When not working she enjoys spending time in San Diego with her adult children.

Prior to founding DAI Partners in 1989, Angela Dailey was Senior Vice President and member of the Board of Directors of Drexel Burnham Lambert. She headed the investment bank's communications efforts for over sixteen years, with responsibility for internal and external communications, including advertising, press relations, employee communications and sales promotion. As head of communications during Drexel Burnham's three-year investigation by the government, she provided leadership with both the strategy and implementation of the firm's crisis management efforts. Ms. Dailey currently serves on the WISE Board of Directors (Women Investing in Security and Education), an Orange County non-profit organization.


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