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Cathy Fiztpatrick, CFP,   RICP

Cathy Fiztpatrick, CFP, RICP

Advisory Board Member

I believe that everyone deserves financial security. My goal is to educate you on the tools and behaviors that will build and protect your wealth. This isn’t taught in most schools, and perhaps your parents didn’t model it for you. That’s why I work to teach the behaviors and provide the strategies that will contribute to growing your wealth and helping to achieve financial security.

Sometimes individuals I first meet with are paralyzed by fear or procrastination due to confusion on what to do next. With 25+ years of investment experience, I have been through down markets and have learned firsthand how market volatility may affect your savings and retirement. I know a few things because I have seen a few things making me a good partner for your financial journey. I’m a SmartVestor Pro with a teaching heart. I help guide people to the path of financial freedom.

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