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Susan Willig

Susan Willig

Board Member

Susan is CEO and Chief Brand Strategy of TrueNorth – a brand and marketing advisory firm. She a visionary marketing executive with a proven career in global brand, marketing strategy and therapy / market development for market leaders such as Edwards Lifesciences, Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis, and Gateway computer. Susan has uniquely established herself as a pioneer and leader in harnessing the power of digital innovation in the medical device industry to positively impact patient care and engage clinicians.

Susan is passionate and committed to achieving health equity and forged partnerships to create unique educational outreach programs in underserved communities. Susan is a ceaseless learner and is pursuing a master's in Behavioral Economics to complement her organizational behavior certificate from Chicago School of Psychology and her MBA from Xavier University.

Susan’s entire career has led to the launch of TrueNorth, with the intent to accelerate growth in startups, early stage, and "restart" companies.

Susan lives in Laguna Beach, California where she hikes with her dog, Cita. Simple joy for Susan is filling her home with the energy of friends and family, including her 5 siblings and 13 nieces and nephews. Susan satiates her curiosity through travel and art. A highlight of her career and life was living and working in Switzerland for Edwards Lifesciences.

“I am passionate and convicted about building professional and personal brands. I know the power of brand and have deep experience and expertise building them. The most impactful and beautiful alignment is when a company brings their true self to market and clearly communicates this in a resonant manner.”

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