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Highlights from Fireside chat with Veronica Dagher

On Women Entrepreneurs – What Makes Some More Successful Than Others?

"I’ve found that some of the entrepreneurs who have come from very humble beginnings may be more comfortable taking risks. They’re less concerned about failure because they may have survived on very little. If you're not afraid to fail, because you’ve already dealt with so many challenges in your life, you may be more willing to put yourself out there."

On Navigating Career Paths

The women who are the most successful are the ones who follow their passion. Whether if it's they're super passionate about making the best handbag for women, or super passionate about creating sustainable fashion for women, or they’re completely committed to financial education and empowering people to make better financial decisions, they have that one driving purpose that they're completely committed to and believe in. Even if other people don't believe in them at the time, they follow that passion, and they're have a razor-sharp focus.

Giving Back

The women I speak with say they find an added sense of meaning and purpose by giving back to causes that they're passionate about, helping other women, getting outside of their own head and helping other people who may need a hand.

Money Secrets

"My favorite money secret, and it happens to be my own as well, is the tried and true one of living below your means. I try to employ that in my own life. I try to keep my fixed expenses lower than I can afford."

Advice from Mom

By the time I was 18, she was drilling into me, "You always need to be a financially independent woman. You can't rely on anyone. You need to know how to handle money yourself. I always want you working. You have to be maxing out your 401k the second you can.” I learned all these things from someone who not even seven years earlier knew nothing about finances.

Workplace – Breaking Down Barriers

Be supportive of other women and cheer each other on when we have success. Be there for other women and be a true ally to other women, instead of trying to tear them down. I think this is so important to all of us succeeding.

Because of the pandemic, we want to know that when we return, people who have families, whether it's elderly parents or young children to take care of, that we'll have some sort of flexibility. I think this is going to be a really important women's issue to help keep women in the workforce.

On Negotiating for Raise

I keep a spreadsheet. Anytime I have a so-called ‘win’ throughout the year, I write it in the spreadsheet, so I can keep track. When I feel like it's time for me to ask for a raise, I will have concrete evidence of all the wins and how it corresponds to the company’s goals.

On Building Confidence

I'm a big fan of affirmations. I say about 10 daily affirmations. Maybe I'll say them in the morning or say them in the evening. I know a lot of successful women do this.

On Mentors

One of the things that's clear to me is that we can't do it alone. We need cheerleaders, we need sponsors, and we need people who are going to speak on our behalf when we're not in the room.

On Money and Children

I think it's really important to just start having conversations about money and how we make spending decisions with our kids so they can understand our value system.

Veronica Dagher

WSJ's Women & Money Reporter

Author: WSJ's ebook Resilience. How 20 Ambitious Women Used Obstacles to Fuel Their Success


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