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Podcast | Mercedes Shaffer & Trae Lewis

Mercedes Shaffer is interviewed by Trae Lewis and shares her tips, pros and cons of buying a home in this current high interest rate environment, including advice for first time buyers and first time investors.

Mercedes Shaffer is an expert in Orange County real estate and has over 20 years of experience buying and selling properties and maximizing real estate investment portfolios. She has a keen understanding of the complexity and nuance of local markets and a deep expertise in evaluating property as an investment. She provides clients with unmatched service and insight, and unique data analysis and investment modeling tools. She brings her passion and attention to detail to help clients define their objectives, target the right properties, and negotiate the most advantageous deal. She is sought after by local, national and international clients alike and works with the full range of clients from first time home buyers to savvy multifamily investors. Mercedes is a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker, helping you build wealth one door at a time.


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