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WISE Victoria Collins Legacy Fund Awards $10,000 to Five Scholars at Girls Inc of OC College Shower

On April 21 at the Girls Inc of Orange County College Shower, five scholars were awarded $2,000 each, a total of $10,000 from the WISE Victoria Collins Legacy Fund.

Pictured from left to right is:

Darlene March - WISE; Jan Walsh - WISE; Malia L. - Scholar; Angela Dailey- WISE; Valeria G. - Scholar; Sophia M. - Scholar; Juriana G. - Scholar; Orleda Azevedo, Girls Inc. Not pictured: Dayna T. - Scholar

Over 175 Girls Inc. College Bound girls have chosen to pursue higher education. Most of these girls will be first-generation college students in need of financial assistance to succeed as they navigate their first year of college. To ensure girls are prepared, each girl receives a basket filled with essentials they need, donated by generous supporters like WISE!


W.I.S.E. Victoria Collins Legacy Fund Scholarships

Impact Stories

Malia L.

Being awarded this scholarship not only provides me with necessary financial aid for pursuing a higher education, but it also proves to me that my future is worth investing in. I plan to use the funds for my tuition, textbooks, and other course materials. Lastly, I will most likely be attending Colgate University in the fall for Computer Science.

Valeria G.

This scholarship means to me that I am one step closer to completing my higher education. I will be utilizing the funds to cover my school expenses such as textbooks and school supplies. I will be pursuing a major in Business Administration at University of California, Irvine in the Fall.

Sophia M.

These funds will help my family and I pay for most of the tuition at Oregon State University. As a California student who wants to do Animal Science, the expense is quite a lot for out of state schools. So, I am grateful I was awarded this scholarship to pursue my college career.

Juriana G.

With this scholarship's help, I can now chase after my ambitions with less financial stress at UC San Diego; my parents have worked hard for me, and it is now my turn to shine and work hard to help them in their future. Not only will this scholarship help with financial struggles but also this scholarship will benefit my dreams of wanting to break the chain of stereotypes in the Hispanic community and my family. I intend to major in Psychology to further support breaking the barrier of generational guilt and imposter syndrome within the Latinx community and will mainly devote this scholarship to paying off the remainder of my tuition and cost of attendance during the Fall and purchasing school supplies.

Dayna T.

This scholarship means a whole lot to me! I have been applying to different scholarships and this is the first scholarship I have won! All the college tuition prices and course prices have felt very daunting. This scholarship has helped make the tuition feel a bit more bearable. I plan to use the scholarship to pay for mainly my college tuition. I would also use some of the money for transportation, books, and other school supplies. I have applied to college as an economics major. However, I plan to double-major in Economics B.A major with a Business Administration ~ Finance Option B.S major (if possible). I have been offered conditional acceptance from Cal State Long Beach and plan to attend there in the fall.


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