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Podcast | Why does Money interfere with Love?

Sounds intriguing? The recent podcast with WISE founder, Victoria Collins, is more so!

Consuelo Mack, celebrity journalist, interviews Victoria on why money is such an emotionally charged topic for couples.

Money problems are a major source of conflict for couples and a leading cause of divorce. Victoria Collins, one of the country’s top financial advisors for many years, has strategies to handle it. Victoria is among a small group of financial advisors with a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology and author of the book, Couples and Money: Why Money Interferes With Love and What To Do About It.

Their discussion is a fascinating and important one.

WISE is a proud sponsor of WealthTrack, named the best money show on broadcast by Money Magazine. Consuelo Mack, founder and anchor, is a member of the WISE Pink Wall Advisory board.



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